Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The meaning of SCIVE

What does SCIVE mean? If you google for it, you will find that a quite obscure reference to the Urban dictionary - my reading, that should be supported by some native reader, is that it's considered a misspelling or an assonance with "shirk". It is associated with words as "lazy", "sloath", "relax", and "beer" - all of which are fine with me (although I guess that in the urban dictionary, nothing is far removed from "beer.")

On the science side, we have SCIVE, a simulation core for intelligent Virtual Environments (IVEs); the CiteSeerX paper is yearless but other works on the same can be found (ex. Christian Fröhlich & Marc Erich Latoschik (2008). Incorporating the Actor Model into SCIVE on a Semantic Level. In: SEARIS Workshop at the IEEE VR2008, Reno, USA, march, Pages 61-64; Marc Erich Latoschik, Christian Fröhlich, Alexander Wendler: Scene Synchronization in Close Coupled World Representations Using SCIVE. IJVR 5(3): 47-52 (2006))