Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Paper from Marseilles workshop participant, Guilherme da Fonseca-Statter: "The Edonomy as a Complex System"

Guilherme da Fonseca-Statter
The Economy as a Complex System
Contribution for a Marxian Inspired
ABM or AbCE Analysis

Guilherme gave a talk to the workshop on "Re-Evaluating Value" held last week in Marseilles, on The Labour Theory of Value.  This is the paper in which his ideas are explained in greater depth.

Part of the Introduction:

This paper is intended to be a very short version of an eventual future «doctoral thesis» on the
general theme of complexity sciences and to be dedicated to the specific theme of a certain
empirical law of behaviour of the capitalist system. As a consequence of the fundamental problem
indicated in the opening paragraphs no attempt has been made to actually develop or present
formal modelling specifications. The idea, at this stage, is to present the overall description of a
future model that should be developed within the next two years. In any case it is my firm belief
that a trained programmer could build a realistic model using just the specifications that are
provided here. It has been done before (with much less sophisticated tools and techniques), there
is no reason why it could not be done now.