Sunday, 21 February 2010

Roger Ballard of the of the Centre for Applied South Asian Studies will speak at SCIVE 2010

Roger Ballard the Director of the Centre for Applied South Asian Studies has accepted an invitation to be an invited speaker at SCIVE 2010.  He will talk on the general Informal Hawala/Hundi Systems of Value Transfer (title yet to be decided).

CfP: 1st workshop on the Social Complexity of Informal Value Exchange @ ECCS 2010, Lisbon

Social Complexity of Informal Value Exchange
SCIVE 2010
 September 16th, 2010, Lisbon
Submission deadline:  April 30th 2010

This workshop aims to promote inquiry into social phenomena that involve value-exchange, and in particular on networks for credit and value transfer, under the effect of recent technological and societal change. Informal value transfer and credit networks involve people or institutions providing credit or value transfer services based on social trust rather than laws and contracts. Such networks constitute a complex system that have been relatively unstudied yet have a significant impact on people's lives.  This exchange often involves many social processes and mechanisms other than those usually considered by economists, including: social norms, altruism, reputation, trust, group membership, friendship, kinship, identity, status etc. Examples range from local baby-sitting circles up to the international Hawala/Hundi systems of value transfer.
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